Nike’s special advertisement

Running with your dream, sporting like Michael Jordan is a belief for many young teenagers with their love to basketballs.It is a interesting thing that we can see everywhere on the street that teenagers wear Nike shoes to pursuit their dreams and Nike and Michael Jordan brings to those people.
But it is a strange thing that Nike does not usually sponsor the sport competition for those years.Totally different from Adidas, Nike uses a unusual way to support the games and to advertise itself.To give some examples, in the 1996 Atlantic Olympic games, Adidas and other 12 companies spent 46.5 million dollars to be the sponsor of that game.But Nike just bought the advertisement billboards in Atlantic city and improved its exposing rate than other brand in that Atlantic game.That is the unique way of Nike.As we all know, Liu Xiang is the spokesman of Nike in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and as he won the championship of that game, all people focused on the magic shoes he worn which were made by Nike. But it was a thing that was not known by people is that Nike used Liu Xiang as its spokesman from 2002.At that time, Liu Xiang was not so famous and nearly any brand wanted him to be their spokesman, but Nike did the thing that did not understand by people.The result in 2008 proved Nike’s investment on Liu Xiang was the most valuable advertisement they made.That is one of the most important secret of Nike’s successful advertising way to gain so much success.

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