Moncler opened new store in Venice

In August 2014, Moncler opened a new store in the city above water---Venice.After the grand opening of Venice store, other stores in Milan,Rome,Turin,Padova,Naples,Forte dei Marmi,Courmayeur, and Cortina are all opened at the same time.Those shops shows great ambition of Moncler.
This new Venice Mocler store is about 80 square meters which is only taking one floor and it is designed by the work office of Gilles and Boissier Constrction which has been cooperated with Moncler so many years.The theme of the Venice store is more tend to show the traditional view of Venice city.The white Istria Stone made the outer wall of the store which show the purity of the city, the blue sky and water is perfectly presented by the wall.This design is a good spokesman of Moncler.The montage style of Moncler is well presented by the design of the store.Luxury white and black marble floor with the oak wall and other decration show the exquisite art of the Moncler Collections.
And in the store, there aer Moccler Grenoble ski collection and the Moncler femme and homme collections, and at the same time Moncler Lunettes glass collection are all on the selling list. About the address of this Venice store is No.22, Calle larga Street.The post code is 30124 and the telephone number is +39 041 296065.
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