Isabel Marant like a star

Franc is a country full of romance and artists.It could be called the cradle to have various kinds of artists.As so many famous designers of brands as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and the young brand as Isabel Marant , they are all the fortune of France.France is a real art country.
To own a rich history of art from the Renaissance age, France brought in so much art trends.Those trends have great influence to French people until today.We can see from the collection of Isabel Marant.She has been deeply influenced by French culture and other culture as African culture.In 2014, she brought in the romance idea of French people and African culture in her design as the features of nature beauty, freedom and easy to wear are always her pursuit.Of course the details she also pay special attentions to her, the fold on the clothes, the puff on the clothes, and water washing liking clothes, those are all the cares of Isabel Marant.
Another part of success is the Isabel Marant shoes of Isabel Marant.Those shoes have gained the whole world’s attention from the birth.And with the wearing of famous Hollywood Stars, Isabel Marant sneakers now lift a new fashion trend with the high heel sneaker trend to satisfy all kinds of needs for those fashion women.This winter in 2014, Isabel Marant release its new collection as the 2015 spring ans summer collectio, we can see the Romance nature of Isabel Marant again from her collection.
French Romance with multicultural design theme will be Isabel Marant’s always topic.
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