Louis Vuitton Lock it Handbag

From the birth of 1958, Louis Vuitton Lockit Handbag’s design has been renewed for so many times without any changes of its classic elegance. This season’s Louis Vuitton Lockit handbag is made by Veau Cachemire, the design is as usual with the opening of the upper arc opening of the handbag, side lock on the bag and leather zipper and holding belt.And at the same time, the newest fashion factor is added on the bag as the bag wing with V shape to match with the light holding belt which is the most fashionable design of this season’s new Lockit Handbag.
The newest Lockit handbag has new charm that making people cannot resist its unique specialty with the history and the rush with nowadays.And anther important reason with the popularity of Lockit bag is the combination with luxuriousness and functional of this bag.The changeable belts of the bag makes the bag good to be held on the shoulder and carried with hands.
We can think carefully we will find out the irresistible attraction of the Louis Vuitton Lockit handbag is the first eye catch of the bag.You will find out the familiar design of the bag, the soft Veau Cachemire and the special silver metallic accessories of the Louis Vuitton bag.And with the changing of the colors, fashion black, shining red,gentle buff beige, you can find the one you like with this Louis Vuitton Lockit handbag.
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Moncler opened new store in Venice

In August 2014, Moncler opened a new store in the city above water---Venice.After the grand opening of Venice store, other stores in Milan,Rome,Turin,Padova,Naples,Forte dei Marmi,Courmayeur, and Cortina are all opened at the same time.Those shops shows great ambition of Moncler.
This new Venice Mocler store is about 80 square meters which is only taking one floor and it is designed by the work office of Gilles and Boissier Constrction which has been cooperated with Moncler so many years.The theme of the Venice store is more tend to show the traditional view of Venice city.The white Istria Stone made the outer wall of the store which show the purity of the city, the blue sky and water is perfectly presented by the wall.This design is a good spokesman of Moncler.The montage style of Moncler is well presented by the design of the store.Luxury white and black marble floor with the oak wall and other decration show the exquisite art of the Moncler Collections.
And in the store, there aer Moccler Grenoble ski collection and the Moncler femme and homme collections, and at the same time Moncler Lunettes glass collection are all on the selling list. About the address of this Venice store is No.22, Calle larga Street.The post code is 30124 and the telephone number is +39 041 296065.
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Nike released its magista footbal shoes

Nike released a kind of shoe called magista football shoes, several days ago, the competitor as Adidas released their product as Samba Primeknit which are made with Primeknit techonology.But this action did not had any influence on the release of Nike magista football game shoes.
Recent years, Nike uses its advanced technology which has been the leading role in the sneaker market.And with the action of releasing the samba primeknit football shoes several day of Adidas, Nike’s first seat was taken by Adidas.But it never infected the magista’s coming.Nike released the magista football shoes with the football player andres iniesta.This pair of magista football shoes made by the technology of flyknit for Nike 2012, using 3D woven technology, the vamp of the shoe had strong sense of texture.With a highly improvement of the ball controlling ability of the player.And to improve the water resistance and warmth of the shoes, magista shoes also are added a nikeskin material to the vamp.The cone shoe spike provide the shoes with 360 degree gripping ability, with pebax and nylon shoe sole, the gripping of football player is in a endless possibilities.This pair of magista shoes are called like a pair of socks on the feet.The new definition that Nike make about the release of this pair of magista shoes provide strong support to the football player on the football green filed.
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Isabel Marant like a star

Franc is a country full of romance and artists.It could be called the cradle to have various kinds of artists.As so many famous designers of brands as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and the young brand as Isabel Marant , they are all the fortune of France.France is a real art country.
To own a rich history of art from the Renaissance age, France brought in so much art trends.Those trends have great influence to French people until today.We can see from the collection of Isabel Marant.She has been deeply influenced by French culture and other culture as African culture.In 2014, she brought in the romance idea of French people and African culture in her design as the features of nature beauty, freedom and easy to wear are always her pursuit.Of course the details she also pay special attentions to her, the fold on the clothes, the puff on the clothes, and water washing liking clothes, those are all the cares of Isabel Marant.
Another part of success is the Isabel Marant shoes of Isabel Marant.Those shoes have gained the whole world’s attention from the birth.And with the wearing of famous Hollywood Stars, Isabel Marant sneakers now lift a new fashion trend with the high heel sneaker trend to satisfy all kinds of needs for those fashion women.This winter in 2014, Isabel Marant release its new collection as the 2015 spring ans summer collectio, we can see the Romance nature of Isabel Marant again from her collection.
French Romance with multicultural design theme will be Isabel Marant’s always topic.
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Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Pour H&M was brought in China in 14th November 2013.It had a great show in Beijing Sanlitun for the pre-released show in 13th November.The fashion house for Isabel Marant Pour H&M is simple with elegant in it to show the difference from other show stages.The fashion people who want to see the Isabel Marant Show were all in a good place to admire the good designing works of Isabel Marant.
People who loves fashion are all rushing in the show house and the famous singer Liu Liyang came to the show also.When people entered the wooden house of Isabel Marant, they would strongly moved by the fashion art.The big flower pattern clothes, and the Bohemia accessories won women’s love.This time, Isabel Marant had designed men’s collections, the creative and simple coat and good woven items attracted men’s attentions.It was unthinkable successful with this show.People who went to the show all used the cameras and cell phones to took photos of their favorite items.The show lasted for two days, people who had interested in this show could go see it.
It was more like a big magnetite to attract more and more fashion lovers to see the popular fashion Isabel marant brought to people. Many of the presented people at the show said that they only could see the items at the day that designer’s collection released.The pre-show was convenient for people to pick what they want to buy with the official released day.
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My good traveling partner----Moncler

To the ones who always go to travel, a piece of good feather jacket should be our best choice to go with.In my own opinion, Moncler could be our best partners when we travel around the whole world.For the reason with my own experience, I am a person who always go this country this place for today, and tomorrow morning I will be another country and place. With no rules to wear clothes, I need to change clothes with the changes of place, the four season’s clothes are in my traveling case and to reduce the heavy load of my case ,a piece of Moncler jacket could save the space and to solve all the problems.
When we in the cold circumstance, Moncler could keep us warm with the good quality which is made by feather.Not only for the warm function, this piece of Moncler feather clothes is light, water-resistance and has a fashion outlook.Many people will ask, what’s the advantages of Moncler clothes to compare with other feather clothes in the market? One thing I think it is the feather Moncler uses to the clothes, Moncler only uses the best feather:four leaves French feather in the market on the clothes which is highly restricted with the hygeine and high-temperatured cleanse.With those feather, Moncler is easy to put in the traveling case with very small space and it can save the space for our other clothes to put more other things.
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Nike’s special advertisement

Running with your dream, sporting like Michael Jordan is a belief for many young teenagers with their love to basketballs.It is a interesting thing that we can see everywhere on the street that teenagers wear Nike shoes to pursuit their dreams and Nike and Michael Jordan brings to those people.
But it is a strange thing that Nike does not usually sponsor the sport competition for those years.Totally different from Adidas, Nike uses a unusual way to support the games and to advertise itself.To give some examples, in the 1996 Atlantic Olympic games, Adidas and other 12 companies spent 46.5 million dollars to be the sponsor of that game.But Nike just bought the advertisement billboards in Atlantic city and improved its exposing rate than other brand in that Atlantic game.That is the unique way of Nike.As we all know, Liu Xiang is the spokesman of Nike in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and as he won the championship of that game, all people focused on the magic shoes he worn which were made by Nike. But it was a thing that was not known by people is that Nike used Liu Xiang as its spokesman from 2002.At that time, Liu Xiang was not so famous and nearly any brand wanted him to be their spokesman, but Nike did the thing that did not understand by people.The result in 2008 proved Nike’s investment on Liu Xiang was the most valuable advertisement they made.That is one of the most important secret of Nike’s successful advertising way to gain so much success.

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