To shopping anywhere on the Internet

We have a question for you, do you want to buy a expensive watch which cost 10 thousand yuan from online store or buy a Chanel bag without any hesitation from the online store? Maybe you do not will to do that , but in our era, the digitization is not a new word to bring in our life.
On the Consumer Electronics Show of America in January, many factories of famous brands wanted to produce a kind of wearing electronic device like watch.And when we look at the people in the subways, they all look at their electronic devices as ipad, cellphones and other devices.This could tell us the digital changes our life and consuming way and which has a great influence on us.That change make many luxury brands which are not so interested in the online selling pay attention on online shopping.Burberry, Louis Vuitton , Dior, Gucci and Chanel are all working hard on managing their facebooks and gaining millions of people’s loves.That is the best example to state that no one can resist to attend this internet fighting.
Louis Vuitton handbag is also a brave brand of online selling, we can know such a big and famous luxury brand was known for the exquisite stores all over the worlds, opening online stores is a big attack to their stores.But Louis Vuitton still takes such a big action to share a piece of cake of Online market.
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